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Gardening with Your Preschooler

Gardening with Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

As spring approaches, now may be an ideal time for you and your preschooler to begin making plans for a garden. Not to worry, you do not have to work your plan yet! Perhaps this is a neat time to start gearing up your preschooler for the upcoming adventure. Here are a few ideas to prepare the gardening process with your special preschooler:

Provide Options

You can take your preschooler to the library to show the different options of things you can plant together. For example, you can show your child books on different types of flowers, fruits, and/or vegetables that you can plant together when the timing is right.

Shop Around

Take your preschooler to a plant nursery or to the gardening section of your favorite store. Decide if you would like your preschooler to pick out seeds or a starter plant. When shopping around, take advantage of asking the workers any questions you and your preschooler may have.

Gather Supplies

Whether you gather supplies when shopping around for what to plant, or if you search out supplies on another “date opportunity” with your preschooler, be sure to have what you need on hand before you begin the planting process. Make sure you have the necessary amount and type of soil for what plant(s) you will grow. Remember to buy different size gardening gloves for you and your preschooler. Also, be sure to have the right size planter for your needs.

Read Picture Books to Stir Excitement

Here are a few neat book options to get your child excited for the process. One option is Horse & Buggy Plant a Seed! by Ethan Long. Another choice is Kitty the Cat Plants a Flower Garden by Adele Woodward.

If things do not work as planned, no worries. Plus, if you do not have the time to garden now, you can take your preschooler to a community garden and talk through the process. Much can still be learned, and much fun can still take place as you garden in some way, together.

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