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Upcycling Pumpkins with Preschoolers After Halloween

Upcycling Pumpkins with Preschoolers After Halloween at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

October brings much fall fun, and pumpkins play a big role in the weeks (or days) leading up to Halloween for you and your preschooler. 

Whether you have used your pumpkins for only decoration, or if they were used for crafting fun, you and your preschooler can upcycle them for further fun! Here are some simple ideas:

  1. Get some old golf tees and a mallet. Help your preschooler hammer the golf tees into the pumpkin to make a fun design. Add rubber bands among the golf tees to make the designs more pronounced. 
  2. Go through any junk drawers or old craft buckets to find any miscellaneous small things for your preschooler to tape on to the pumpkin. If you have more than one pumpkin, you and your child can have a “contest” for the craziest pumpkin decoration. 
  3. If your pumpkin was not carved, you and your preschooler can work together to draw a turkey face and then use a hot glue gun to attach craft feathers. Then, you will have a head start on Thanksgiving decorations!
  4. Use your pumpkin to make yummy fall food. Look online for recipes to make pumpkin French toast, soup, muffins, or body scrub! You can search for how to roast pumpkin seeds, too. 
  5. Create an obstacle course using sidewalk chalk or pool noodles, etc. Then, take turns rolling the pumpkin through the course. This could hurt your back to bend so much, so you could come up with any variation that works! Push the pumpkin in a stroller. Carry it on your shoulder. Whack it with a broom! The list could go on. 
  6. Add your pumpkins to your compost pile, or research how to compost them if this is new to you. Be careful about what you do with the seeds, though!

Regardless of what you do to upcycle your pumpkins, be sure to take lots of pictures of your preschooler along the way! The holiday season will only get busier. Enjoy the extra fall possibilities with your pumpkins (your food and child!). 

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