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Kindergarten Readiness and Your Preschooler

Kindergarten Readiness and Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, Preschool, daycare, childcare

Yikes! Kindergarten already? The idea of your preschooler starting kindergarten can be stressful for parents for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the question of whether or not he is ready.  Below are some tips in helping your precious little preschooler get ready to be a precious and successful kindergartener.  


Self-help skills are probably one of the most helpful skills to teach your preschooler prior to kindergarten.  This entails being able to fully use the bathroom unassisted, wipe or blow his own nose, open packages at mealtime independently, and putting on his own shoes and jacket.  Those little things aren’t a big deal when you just have one kiddo to help, but you don’t want your little one becoming frustrated waiting for his teacher to help him put his jacket on before recess when she has 19 other five year olds to tend to!  

Using scissors safely and appropriately is also a skill your little one needs to be able to do in kindergarten.  Offer your preschooler opportunities to use scissors and teach her scissor safety.  She should be able to cut on a straight line when starting kindergarten.  

Social Skills

Social skills will be another huge help for your little one in kindergarten.  Social skills include waiting his turn, raising his hand to speak, respecting others’ personal space, being able to sit near other children and interact and play with them in a kind manner, following two step directions (i.e. hang your backpack up and go to your desk), asking for help in a polite and appropriate manner, saying please and thank you, and expressing himself with words.  It is also helpful for your child to audibly recognize his last name and be able to tell others his first and last name.  

Letter Recognition

Your preschooler will have an easier time in kindergarten, if she is able to recognize both upper and lower case letters.  Do not panic, if she doesn’t know them all!  She should be able to recognize and write her first name.  

Number Skills

It is helpful for your child to be able to write and recognize numbers 1-10, but preferably up to twenty.  Your child should also be able to count to twenty.  Other helpful math skills include knowing colors and being able to recognize simple patterns (red, blue, red, blue).  

This list may seem overwhelming, but your preschooler is a sponge and can pick these things up so easily.  All of these things can be learned in a fun manner throughout your normal day.  Take a big breath and enjoy helping your preschooler get kindergarten ready!  

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