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Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, childcare, learning academy

Now that winter is fading, it’s time for the colors of spring! There is nothing like the wonder of a rainbow after a spring shower. Preschoolers, especially, love the colors of a rainbow. Here are a couple of rainbow activities to try this month.

Candy Rainbow Experiment

Materials needed: white plate or bowl, Skittles candy, and warm water

  • Spread the candy into a pattern around the edges inside the bowl or plate to make a circle.
  • Poor enough warm water in the center of the bowl or plate to go past the Skittles.
  • Watch as the color begins to spread from the candy to the center.

For some extra fun, shake the bowl or plate and observe. What happens? The colors will begin to mix together. If left alone for a little bit, the colors will begin to separate again. 

There is some science behind the experiment. Parents can introduce their preschoolers to the word dissolve, too. When warm water is added, the sugar and food coloring that coats the Skittles begins to dissolve. Since the candy has similar amounts coated on them, they dissolve at similar speeds.

Rainy Day Rainbow Art

Materials Needed: washable markers and cardstock

  • Have the child use the markers to draw a rainbow on a piece of thick cardstock. If that is too difficult, have them use the colors to doodle or use the colors any way they choose.
  • Place the picture out in the rain near a window where the child can watch what happens.
  • After a few minutes, bring the art inside to dry. (Be careful, the colors will run!)

No rain in the forecast? No problem! Take the cardstock to the bathtub and use a watering can or even the shower to spray a little water on the child’s artwork. 

Rainbows are such a fun way to teach colors to young children! Be sure to check out Jack Hartmann’s video “Colors of the Rainbow” for a fun way to practice the order of the colors in the rainbow.

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