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Setting New Year’s Resolutions with Preschoolers

Setting New Year’s Resolutions with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

With one year coming to a close and another one just on the horizon, it is time that many people start thinking about goals for the new year. Why not make it a family affair and include your preschooler in the goal setting fun this time around? 

Less is more 

With preschoolers, it is best to choose just one or two goals for them to work on at any given time. Too many goals will lead to loss of focus and frustration. So, pick just a couple things that they could use a little improvement on. Maybe your preschooler is really bad about remembering to put his clothes in the laundry hamper. Or, maybe he forgets his manners at the dinner table. As your preschooler achieves his goals (puts his clothes in the hamper regularly, for example) feel free to come up with new ones. You may want to plan on doing a new goal each month. 

Visual reminders

It is always easier to remember when you have visual cues. Making or buying a simple sticker chart can help your preschooler focus on his goals and see the progress he has made. At the end of each day assess whether or not his goals were met. If so, let him place a sticker on his chart. If not, leave the square empty. Before long, you and your child will see a pattern forming. As he begins to make this new goal a habit, be ready to start a new goal with him.

After reaching a goal, it is always fun to reward yourself for all of your hard work. So, treat your preschooler to a little something special when a goal is attained. This will propel him forward as he starts working on the next goal.

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