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Helping Preschoolers with Homework

Helping Preschoolers with Homework at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

Homework is assigned at an early age – even preschoolers have it from time to time! It may be difficult as a parent to know how much is too much when it comes to helping your children with their homework. Here are a few ways that you can help your little ones with their school work at home while still continuing to encourage learning and independence.

Set a time for homework

A consistent routine is important for all children, especially when it comes to early development. Just like your children go to bed or leave for school at a certain time each day, you should decide on a specific time to have your little ones sit down and work on what they’ve been learning in school.

Provide a comfortable environment 

Set up a place in your home with minimal distractions and comfortable places to sit down and get focused. Children will be better able to regurgitate the information that was learned if they’re in a focus-friendly environment. Furthermore, wait until they have eaten, possibly had a nap, and aren’t bursting with too much energy before getting started. It’s always good to take a break between school and homework to allow the mind to rest and the body to move. 

Have fun!

Don’t turn homework or anything school-related into a punishment. Instead, show positivity and excitement when talking about schoolwork and even incorporate games or music into finishing their assignment if they respond well to that.  Let your children own their work! Do not become so involved that it becomes your work instead of theirs! 

Finally, make sure to ask the right questions. Your preschooler’s homework will be based on things they discussed in school, so they should only need some gentle prompting to remind them of what they learned. Give them the time and space to answer the questions without giving them the answer first, and lead them to the correct place from there.

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