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Starting Something New with Preschool Children

Starting Something New with Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

As your little ones grow up, they encounter endless “firsts”: the first time riding a bike without training wheels, the first time sleeping over at a friend’s house, the first time tasting a new type of food. Even the first day of preschool is a unique experience for every child.

All of these “firsts” establish independence and confidence in your children, which is why it is so important to encourage them to try new things. Here is how you can motivate your preschooler to try something new.

Try new things as a family!

Whether it’s cooking a new recipe all together, playing a board game for the first time, or visiting a local park you’ve never been to before, your child will feel inspired when they see you branching out as well.

Introduce your child to music, art, or sports they’ve never been exposed to.

If your little one isn’t particularly loving basketball or baseball, teach them about the wide variety of sports that exist and find the one that sparks their interest! Even listening to new genres of music can inspire your youngster to try new things.

Give your child the opportunity to help around the house.

From acting as your sous chef, to helping with the dishes, to feeding the pets in the morning or at night—the extra responsibility and independence will boost your children’s confidence and encourage them to tackle any goal they set.

Find out what your child is afraid of, and help them learn to face those fears.

Maybe it’s learning to swim on their own, or maybe they’re hesitant to try new foods. By having an open discussion about what it is they’re afraid to try, you can show them they have nothing to fear, and help them take the necessary steps to face whatever is intimidating them.

Remember, while some children adapt to new changes quickly and seamlessly, others take time to adjust. Be patient, stay positive, and continue pushing your preschooler to explore new things.

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