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Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

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Whether your baby is on the move or still working their way up to the walking stage, babies have an impeccable capability of getting into dangerous situations quickly. Without constant supervision or proper safety measures, your baby can get into some serious trouble! While your baby wanders through the room or sits idly playing near you, here are a few safety tips for your baby to always keep in mind. 

Keep Small Objects Away 

Even though your baby only has access to a small portion of your environment, there is an abundance of hazardous materials within their grasp! Remember to keep all of your plugs protected and small objects placed above and away from where your baby is wandering or lying down. These small objects and other miscellaneous items can quickly become a choking or entrapment hazard; the cord you forgot to unplug, or the paper clip dropped on the floor poses an extreme risk to your curious, growing baby. 

Avoid Anything Fluffy at Bedtime 

We know there is a great deal of cute and fluffy items for your squishy baby on the market. However, these furry blankets and toys can become hazardous to your baby at bedtime. With many studies conducted on fatal sleeping accidents, researchers have found fluffy items may increase the risk of your baby overheating or entrapping themselves in the middle of the night. You may want to think twice before you buy that snuggly blanket in the store!

Remember Car Safety 

Before you begin any sort of traveling with your baby, you must always keep car safety in mind. Your baby should always be in the back seat and away from any kind of direct sunlight when possible. Also remember to always check for little hands before opening or closing any windows or doors as their fingers could be in the way at any time. Keep your baby safe and calm as you travel to your destination in peace. 

The last thing anyone wants is to have their baby injured by something that could have been prevented. With the multitude of ways your baby can find trouble, these tips will help you keep your baby safe at all times.

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