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Staying Safe this Halloween

In today’s day and age safety is a huge concern for many parents, especially when letting their little ones outside in the evening. Below we have some helpful tips on how to keep your family safe this Halloween.

  • Always accompany your child while trick-or-treating
  • If trick-or-treating with a large group of children, consider one or two extra chaperones and count each child when leaving each house to make sure no one gets left behind
  • Avoid approaching or ringing the doorbell to any house with its outside lights turned off. This is typically a sign that the house is not welcoming trick-or-treaters
  • Approach the house with the children. It is safer to accompany your child all the way to the door and remain with them as they receive candy/treats
  • Speak with your child about not tampering with the neighborhood decorations, especially those that are large, obscure their view, or are potentially dangerous
  • Encourage your child to eat their candy/treats when you all get back home
  • Once home, inspect your child’s candy carefully to be sure it hasn’t been tampered with or anything inappropriate is hidden within
  • If you see suspicious activity while out with your trick-or-treater, be sure to report it to the police