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Understanding Value of Private School

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At Kids R Kids on Serene we have been offering a Private Elementary school experience for children for the past 13 years.  We now offer Private Kindergarten and First Grade and recently was approved to offer Second Grade as well.

With the new Nevada State Educational Savings Accounts parents can choose to send their child to a private school with tuition fees paid by the State of Nevada.

Parents need to become informed about the private school movement,  come to understand the elements that make their schools different, and obtain tools to evaluate why you might choose Kids R Kids on Serene for your child.

We would like to begin a dialogue with parents to help you explore this very important school choice movement.  Let the dialogue begin.

Private Schools and NAEP: A National Conversation  VIDEO

Kids R Kids on Serene is an Approved “Education Savings Account” school for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Go to our Kindergarten and First Grade pages to sign up for your Nevada ESA.