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Three Lessons to Teach Your Toddler Before Starting Preschool in Silverado Ranch / Henderson


The first six years of life are the most important for brain development and learning. It is essential to provide your child the best preschool education to make the most of this time. It is also crucial that your child learns during the time prior to preschool. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Silverado Ranch / Henderson, offers some tips for teaching your child before starting preschool.


A large part of both preschool and kindergarten is your child’s ability to read. From an early age it is crucial that you start teaching your child about language and reading. Start with books that have just a single word per page and progress to more advanced books including fictional works for your child. Reading is something that will benefit your child throughout life.


Math skills, like reading skills, are essential in your child’s preschool education. Teaching your child the basics of numbers, counting, addition and subtraction can give your child an advantage when the time comes to go to preschool.


The main skill that will be required of your child is being independent. Being able to go to the bathroom alone, as well as being able to spend the entire day away from parents will be required. A child needs to be taught independence prior to preschool.

Preschool can be a tough time for both you and your child. With Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Silverado Ranch / Henderson, you will have peace of mind and your child will have a successful start in life. We understand child care and will give your child the best preschool education. Contact us today to enroll your child in our AdvancED™ accredited program.

Debbie & Michael Thompson, Ph.D. are the owners /operators of Kids R Kids Learning Academy in the Henderson / Silverado RanchFor the past 19 years, they’ve educated thousands of children while serving the needs of their families. If you have questions about parenting or early childhood education, please contact Michael at