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Tablets and apps have the potential to boost learning and development in Silverado Ranch preschoolers


When children’s brains are engaged in learning, they can quickly grasp new concepts and apply them to problem solving. This is why Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson / Silverado Ranch encourages the balanced use of smart devices, such as tablets, in our AdvancED™ accredited program.

Since the popularization of these devices, we have been closely watching how games and applications have evolved to become more than just handheld entertainment. These devices have the potential to offer a preschool child the opportunity to develop cognitive and social skills. You can use these devices at home to benefit your child’s learning as well.

Interactive learning

An immediate advantage of digital learning games and applications is that they allow your child to interact and have fun with exciting characters. There are applications ranging from math literacy to reading and writing that are fun and engaging for young children. These can encourage your preschool child to develop a love for learning.

Learning made fun for greater effect

It is well known that children learn better and retain more when engaged in fun learning activities. Utilizing colorful educational apps on a tablet can help your young child learn about such subjects such as math or science, which might be less engaging in a typical classroom setting.

A tool for learning and development

These devices are only a tool that should be used to benefit your preschool child’s learning and development. They should be used at home or in day care only to support the healthy development of your child. At home, as in our Learning Academies, you should always supervise your preschool child when using digital technology and ensure a healthy balance of technology and traditional learning methods.

If you are interested in quality child care programs that consider all aspects of your child’s development, then contact us today. We offer an AdvancED™ accredited program that will ensure that your child maximizes learning.