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Las Vegas Preschool, ready or not? – How to evaluate

pre_school_las_vegas_nv 11/11/2017

There are several important factors that parents need to consider before deciding to send their toddler off to preschool. You will need to carefully evaluate whether or not your child is indeed ready for the challenges that he or she will face in a preschool environment. This piece will serve as a guide for parents who want to know if their child is ready for preschool.

Has your child attended daycare before?

The transition into preschool will be made a lot easier if your child has had a year or two of daycare. Experiences in the daycare environment will prove invaluable to your child, as he or she moves into preschool. These include being able to successfully spend time away from mom and dad, playing cooperatively, sharing toys and having been previously socialized with other toddlers of the same age.

Does your child possess the systematic skills necessary for preschool?

Being organized is a large part of preschool. Your child will be responsible for packing a bag, keeping stationery safe, and keeping tabs on his or her clothes. A child who has not been taught or achieved good organizational skills may struggle to cope with the burden of the extra responsibility. It is important that you teach your child how to properly look after things in the weeks leading up to preschool.

Are you prepared for your child to go?

Are you, as a parent, ready to let your child go to preschool? At the end of the day the decision is yours to make, and nobody knows your child better than you do. If you don’t believe he or she is ready yet, do not hesitate to wait for another year before enrolling.

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