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How to Overcome Shyness for Preschoolers

The transition to preschool can be intimidating for both you and your child. Preparing for preschool is especially daunting for parents when also asking how to overcome shyness for a child. The good news is, most children adapt quite well to preschool, even if they are shy. There are several steps that you can take to prepare your shy child for a successful preschool experience.

Join a Playgroup

Before starting preschool, find a local playgroup to join. Exposing your child to new friends and experiences, while you are there to assist, will help her develop social skills in a safe, comfortable environment.

Develop a Routine

Talk to your child about preschool and allow her to share her fears. Walk through the daily schedule so that she knows what to expect and begin practicing your at-home routine a few weeks before preschool begins. Most preschools will allow you to bring your child in prior to the first day of school. Feeling familiar with the preschool environment will help your child adapt.

Talk to your child’s teacher

Before preschool begins, talk to your child’s teacher and discuss any concerns that you might have about her fitting in. Being shy is quite common among preschoolers and your child’s teacher can provide preparation tips and assist with the transition.

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