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How to get your child excited about going to preschool in Henderson / Silverado Ranch


Preparing your child to attend preschool is an exciting and maybe a little bit of a stressful time. You are happy to see your child enter the next stage of development, but you may also be worried about how your child will make the transition. Here we provide a few tips to help you and your child make this transition easier. You can get your child excited to attend preschool if you can help him or her understand what to expect.

New friends and exciting adventures

Every child wants to make friends and have fun and this is the ideal motivation to get your child excited about preschool. Take some time to explain to your child that there will be many fun adventures and new friends to meet while at preschool. You can help your child socialize before attending preschool by scheduling play dates with children of the same age and introducing your child to the parents. This will help your child adjust to meeting peers and teachers at preschool.

Promote independence

Preschool children want to begin to do things by themselves and you should encourage these attempts at independence. One way to promote this is to leave your child in the care of friends or family members away from the home. This will help your child adjust to being away from you and to being in an unfamiliar environment. Another idea is to take your child to visit the preschool in advance to meet the teachers and the staff. This will help your child adjust faster since he or she will be somewhat familiar with the environment.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson/Silverado Ranch, Nevada, understands that this time in your child’s life is crucial. If you would like more information about how we can help your child get the most from preschool, then contact us today. We are passionate about child care.