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How to Evaluate Whether Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Preschool, AdvancED™ accredited program

Your child’s preschool phase is paramount for peak brain development. Parents know it is tough to give great child care, let Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in Silverado Ranch help ease your mind with our great child care advice. One of the most asked questions is what age a child is ready for preschool. In simple terms, it is not an actual age. We have put together some information that will explain how to know if your child is ready for our AdvancED™ accredited program.

Age is not everything

Many parents think that there is a correct age to enroll your child in a preschool education. There is no correct age, as it depends on your child and how independent he or she is. Social and mental development factors are the real gauge of your child’s ability to enter a preschool environment.

Social and mental ability

To function and be accepted into a preschool it is imperative that your child partake in group activities and interact with the class. Your child needs some sort of social skill training prior to preschool admittance. Apart from this, a child must be able to learn at a regular pace and have some sort of basic knowledge of the material being taught.


An independent child is one that is not anxious about being away from a parent for the entire day. When a child is left at preschool, he or she must be willing to learn rather than fret for a parent’s attention. Your child must also be potty-trained.

If all these criteria are met, then consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in Silverado Ranch which offers an AdvancED™ accredited program. Contact us now to enroll him or her in our facilities or to find out more about our great curriculum.

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