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How to encourage motor skills and brain development while at daycare in Las Vegas, Nevada


Motor skills development is an extremely important part of growth in young children. These skills are crucial for everyday life and play a vital role in everything from being able to run and dance to the ability to hold a pencil and write.

There are two types of motor skills: gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills pertain to the larger muscle groups and physical abilities like walking and jumping. Fine motor skills are about the smaller muscle groups and involve abilities such as writing and picking up small objects. Motor skills are fascinating because they are interlinked. For example, did you know that mastering the monkey bars on the playground can also help your child to write more efficiently?

Encouraging motor skill development

You may not know that shaking a baby rattle takes a lot of effort and coordination. There are many factors for learning the skills that we as adults take for granted. You can encourage your child’s fine motor skill development right from the start when he or she is a newborn. Place your child on a play mat with colorful, dangling toys or put a rattle in his or her hand. Another idea is to move your child into different positions while he or she plays with a favorite toy.

Other ways you can help your toddler with skill development are:

  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Playing with push and pull type toys
  • Acting out nursery rhymes by jumping and dancing
  • Playing hopscotch
  • Having your child run towards you for hugs and tickles

All of these activities work well in an open space such as Western Trails Park in Las Vegas. Here, your child will also experience the excitement of exploring the outdoors, something that encourages healthy curiosity and learning.

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