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Getting Your Child To Take The Perfect School Picture

Everyone has one school picture you wish had gone away from family view. Kids will be kids, and that sometimes means they’re goofy, shy, sad or overly excited when it comes time for class picture day. Plus, children are active, and it only takes a few minutes to go from looking polished and photo ready to featuring a post-tornado look. No one wants to send their child to school looking like George Clooney or Nicole Kidman, only to get a picture back that looks like they combed their hair with an egg beater or went 5 rounds in a wrestling match. So what went wrong—and how can you avoid it? Here are some tips to getting an excellent school picture.


School pictures take a little bit of thought. Sit down with your child and look at photos or magazines. Have them point out smiles they like and discuss natural versus forced. Even encourage them to practice in the mirror. Talk about posing, and how a straight on shot is best rather than trying out anything where they’re looking over a shoulder, or have their hand on their chin.

Choose the Right Accessories

Logo clothes, t-shirts with pictures and wild patterns are an absolute no-no. Words get cut off and pictures and patterns overwhelm the photo. You want the focal point of the picture to be your child, not a group of Minions with one eye and goggles. It’s also helpful not to get a new haircut or alter your child’s appearance the day before—you never know when something will go wrong. When it comes to glasses, it’s a personal choice. If glasses are authentically your child, then by all means keep them on in the photo. If there is a background choice, have them choose a solid, neutral color.

Pose, Point and Snap

Hopefully photos are taken early on and not after lunch or recess. Inspire your child to stay looking their best, maybe even by using an incentive. A pizza date or movie night may be the perfect reward. Remind them to sit tall, look directly at the camera and smile.

If it comes down to it, embrace bad photos. Don’t shame, instead turn it into something humorous. You can also take your child’s mind away from the thought of a bad photo by downloading the Kids ‘R’ Kids School Age Activity Book and engaging them in some of the skill-building projects and activities. Hopefully you’ll be using it to celebrate a top-notch school picture instead.