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A tablet has the potential to boost literacy and numeracy in Silverado Ranch preschoolers


If you are a parent looking for more effective ways to teach a child important lessons about preschool subjects, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson / Silverado Ranch, Nevada has the ideal solution for you. Tablets are ingenious inventions that have certainly improved since their first introduction. Currently, they allow even more functionality as the trend of learning games and applications has just recently boomed.

Join us as we take a look at how you can utilize a tablet with your child to promote effective learning of numeracy, literacy, and many more subjects that he or she will need in day care and preschool.


Reading is so much more exciting for a young child when the words are dancing, moving, speaking and colorful. This is precisely what an tablet can offer. Letters are no longer simply characters on paper. Using a tablet, these characters come to life, sounding themselves out, dancing with joy, and even communicating directly to your child. This, coupled with the endless imagination that every child is naturally born with, is ideal for effective learning.


The old method of tracing letters and numbers is still an excellent option for learning to write. However, tablets have improved upon this by providing interactive imagery for a child to follow with a stylus. This promotes learning through fun and offers exciting rewards in either imagery, sounds or a blend of both.

Give your preschooler the best cognitive, emotional and physical education around when you enroll him or her at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson / Silverado Ranch, Nevada. We utilize the latest and greatest technology and teaching methods to provide each child with an education that far exceeds what any typical day care facility can offer. Contact us here to find out more.